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Breaking Down The Guide Price, Is The Continuum Worth The Investment!

Recently Hoi Hup had revealed the guide price of it’s upcoming Freehold mega project at D15 Katong. The guide price had been heavily speculated online and offline. I am sure you might have come across it as well.
The guide price is as follow:


But the main problem is nobody had done a research to study whether this guide price is it as attractive as what many property agents had mentioned over the internet. 

Well, today I will be sharing with you 3 sets of data, after which you will have an answer to the above question.


Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Recent D15 New Launch Transactions 

The average psf for the D15 new launches range from $2428psf to $2700psf. And the highest transactions is from $2909 to $3293psf. Even the 99 years leasehold property Liv@MB had done deal at $2909psf for a 2 bedroom unit. 

2. Recent D15 Sub Sale Transactions

Amber Park started to see 3 sub sale units for a 2+Study, 743sqft unit. The psf done hit $2801psf or $2,080,000 in quantum. This had formed the record price for resale market in D15 Katong area. 

3. Most Recent D15 leasehold New Launch Project

Recently, Tembusu Grand (Very close to The Continuum Site) achieved 53% SOLD result on the first day of the booking. 
By having a closer observation of the Tembusu’s  price against The Continuum guide price, you will be surprised that the Freehold Continuum’s pricing can be cheaper compare to the Tembusu unit, especially the 2,3 and 4 bed. It is also true if you compare against the psf as well for some of the unit type. 

I hope this 3 sets of data give you some clue on whether The Continuum worth the investment. But beside pricing, there may be other factors that you want to explore and understand more. This can be done by visiting our show flat whereby a huge model with 6 towers, landscaping, units orientation, the 2 sets of facilities on the South, North and Sky Terrace, how the helix bridge looks like and 4 different show units for you to experience through to determine whether The Continuum is worth to invest.

The preview start from 21/04/2023

Whatsapp me for a VVIP preview slot to the gigantic 2 storey show flat to experience Singapore biggest Freehold launch in recent years Now!

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