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How do supply and demand affect property prices?


When the current interest rate is the highest ever over the past 2 decades, savvy buyers will be looking at new launches simply because your mortgage will only be payable over the progressive payment scheme. This also means the mortgage and interest payable will be very little as your loan will only be disbursed when certain milestones are completed for each progressive stage of the construction over the next 4 years.


So if you are looking for a golden opportunity that’s not only safe, but also affordable, and in a prime location? Look no further!


Why, you may ask? Well, one of the key factors we looked at, is the price gap between the average new sale in the OCR vs the RCR!


In the last quarter of 2022, the gap was $588psf, making it super attractive and safe to enter, if we can find something that’s close to OCR pricing.


So here’s the good news! with Tembusu Grand‘s starting price of just $2,296psf, which is very close to the OCR pricing, it makes it an extremely safe and affordable investment opportunity.


With the average OCR price already around $2,000psf, the small price gap of Tembusu Grand makes it a no-brainer to make your money work harder for you.


So seize the opportunity and call any of your preferred PropNex consultants to view Tembusu Grand sales gallery now!


Watch the video below to find out more!

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